OpenGrowth Academy

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Step by Step Signup Process

Step 1 

Click on the registration link.

Step 2

Fill in all the details like Name, Email, Password, Gender, Qualification and Country.

Step 3

After filling all the details, click on the Sign Up button.

Step 4

Once the user clicks on the Sign Up button, a message will pop up Registered Successfully, and the user will be navigated to the homepage.

Step 5

The user will receive an email for successful registration with the login credentials

Step 6

Click on the event webinar link shared on your registered email.
(Webinar link and the credentials will be enabled at 08.00 PM IST | 07.30 AM PST)

Step 7

Fill in the details. Enter the email address and password which was shared on your registered email. Then click on the Login button.

Step 8

A page will open. Click on the “Click here to join webinar now” button.

Step 9

Then select the option “Join as Audience”.

The user can chat in the chat box and enter questions in the Q&A section.