OpenGrowth Academy

Entrepreneurship for All

Our Vision

OpenGrowth Academy is a next-gen platform, wherein you get to learn entrepreneurship skills from distinguished mentors. Our vision is to create not just good, but great entrepreneurs who can make a difference. We aim at helping you transform your idea into a full-fledged venture.

Here, we believe in transforming your vision into reality by polishing your existing skill-sets and inducing in you some new skills catering to your area of startups. Along with proper ideation, we also believe in generating a network and creating an eco-system for your startup to get launched flawlessly and run smoothly.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurship is all about learning from your experiences. We value your experiences and therefore, focus on experiential learning, which we believe is the key to success. We strongly believe in the process of learning while working and working while learning.

We offer unique and flexible courses curated by experienced entrepreneurs. These uniquely designed courses will help you learn at your own pace and convenience. Also, while getting trained to become a successful entrepreneur, you will also get to seek advice from our global experts.

Our Way of Working

We are a virtual team which will make it easier for you to avail our services from any corner of the globe. We are just a click away. Learning has no age bar, so any person keen on becoming an entrepreneur, retired, or a student is welcome to be a part of OpenGrowth Academy.

We work on a subscription model. We will not only provide you with resources, but also give you a virtual collaboration platform through which you can connect with curious minds around the world who aspire to become entrepreneurs.